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Harvard High School was founded by concerned people who realized that our education system doesn't work for everyone. Many people are held at an economic and social disadvantage because they do not have a high School diploma. Harvard High School is committed to helping all have a quality education. Most importantly we want to provide education equality for all.

High school graduates earn an average of $388,000 more throughout their career than non-graduates. A diploma from Harvard High School can open up new opportunities. Earning an accredited high school diploma online from Harvard High School is convenient and affordable, whether you are an adult learner, a homeschooled student, or someone who does not want a traditional school. Study at home or on the go, and at a pace that’s right for you.


As a Harvard High school student, you’re never alone: our online community, instructors, and support staff provide a system to help you succeed. And our transcript review service will help you find out how many prior credits you can use



You'll earn your High School Diploma from Accredited Harvard High School International.  Harvard High School International is accredited by the ACU (Association of Christian Universities), the ACNHS (Accrediting Commission of North American High Schools)Life College Inc.

Respected and Accredited 
Our History

In the 1980’s, Dr. Bernie L. Wade, through his various endeavors assisting the socially and economically disadvantaged came to realize that percentage of young men and women who do not complete high school is as high as 20% in some areas. 

 This leaves millions of Americans without a high school diploma.  Dr. Wade envisioned a day when all students were able to have a High School Diploma. 



Our high school diploma programs are online, affordable, flexible, and supported for all types of learners. Harvard High School accredited diploma will help you enter the workforce, continue your training in a career, or attend the college of your choosing. Find where you fit.

Our Philosophy

Harvard High School International (HHSI) was established in 1990 with a vision to assist men and women who had not completed their high school requirements.  


The vision was to create a school where: 

(a)  Everyone (100%) of Americans would have a high school diploma.

(b)  Meet the need of students traditionally victimized by the educational system (i.e. minorities and women).  

(c)  Meet the needs of students who left high school because of financial hardship, pregnancy, etc.

(d)  Meet the requirements of high school in a timely manner so that the student would be able to achieve education equality with their peers without additional years of study. 

Today, thousands have benefited by the innovative approach that the academic staff of HHSI provides.


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