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Our Curriculum

 Our Curriculum

What makes Harvard High School different from other distance learning schools is the teachers’ abilities to personally connect with each student. The necessity for student-teacher communication due to the lack of classroom helps to foster strong relationships with teachers and mentors. Additionally, teachers and mentors are encouraged to provide sufficient feedback and consistent reviews to both hold students accountable for the quality of their work and encourage them to improve constantly. The student’s learning pace depends entirely upon the students and the goals he or she sets for himself.

Distance learning has a lot of advantages, though many people aren’t familiar with it due to its non-traditional nature. That’s why we’ve got personal academic coaches to assist students and their families every step of the way, from enrollment and placement selection to preparing for post-graduation, through career advancement and college applications. Along the way, the coaches will help students to become more independent in decision making and self-discipline.

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We'll send you FREE information with absolutely no obligation! Find out more about earning your High School Diploma. Your program includes:  All the textbooks, lessons, and study guides you need with Instructional support.

As a Harvard High school student, you’re never alone: our online community, instructors, and support staff provide a system to help you succeed. And our transcript review service will help you find out how many prior credits you can use.

Our accredited high school program is based on highly targeted materials that have been hand-picked for their ability, to cater to and advance student’s needs. Our program is designed for students who intend to pursue higher education and vocational advancement. We honor advance standing through life experience in order to make the most of their education. 


Harvard High School ‘s Credit Recovery Program allows full-time students enrolled in accredited high schools to take the credits they require to meet their school’s graduation requirements.  Credit Recovery Scenarios: athletics, behind in credits, bullying,course not offered, expulsion, extracurricular activities, failing grades, illness/health, peer pressure,

pregnancy,scheduling conflicts,substance abuse and suspension.


If the school is accredited in the United States, the credits will be accepted from the original school. Harvard High School Credit Recovery is an effective and proven way to help students earn a high school diploma from credits in courses they did not pass the first time around. Our courses are self-contained, independent study units, designed to put students on a fast track for their high school diploma. Students can enroll year round.

Cosmetology License Requirements for Students without a high school diploma.

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