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Whether you are concerned about your child’s school environment, you are dissatisfied with the quality of education at their traditional high school, or you simply want to be more involved in your child’s academic experience - Harvard High School is the perfect program to meet your homeschooling needs.

Harvard High School, is on track to be one of the largest private high schools in the United States, you can be assured that you 

Your Future Starts with Harvard High School 

are in control of your child’s educational experience with our affordable, flexible online High School Diploma program.

Respected and Accredited by the ACU (Association of Christian Universities), the ACNHS (Accrediting Commission of North American High Schools), Life College Inc.


  • Accredited – Gain credentials and skills to enroll in post-secondary education or enter the workforce with our quality, accredited diploma program.

  • Flexible – Get a jump-start on a college degree with our Early College program.

  • Convenient – Create your own schedule, set your own deadlines, study online, at home, at a pace that suits you. 

  • Affordable – Pay all at once, or sign up for our payment options –  Transfer credits and only pay for courses needed to graduate.

  • Support – Get support from our expert instructors

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