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General Information


Name of Institution: Harvard High School Inc.

Address: 1901 Prestwick Dr, La Grange, KY 40031

          Administration: (502) 655-8554

·         Year Founded:1990

·         First Accredited: 1998

·         Accreditation Expires: 2021


Washington,DC Offices:

1629 K Street, NW Washington, DC 20006


President:  Bernie L. Wade, PhD.

Chief Development Officer (CDO): Barney Phillips, PhD.



ACU (Association of Christian Universities)

ACNHS (Accrediting Commission of North American High Schools)

Global Evangelical Accrediting Commission ( GEAC)


Accreditation Certificates: 

Global Evangelical Accrediting Commission ( GEAC)







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State Credentials

Harvard High School Inc. is a registered nonprofit organization for educational and religious purposes

in the state of Kentucky. State Registration Certificate. 


Mission Statement

Harvard High School International is dedicated to education equality.  For too long those who are socially and economically disadvantaged have been further disenfranchised by the challenges of completing high school equivalency.  The HHSI mission to provide a positive, supportive, and meaningful learning experience for students who need to complete their high school education.  Harvard High School is committed to providing an academically sound program which is supportive of the diverse individual needs, goals, and learning styles of adult learners and all students. The school relies on a learning environment of independent study, which allows students to take ownership in the process of achieving their educational goals and functioning productively in the working world, increased opportunity in further academic settings, and in their personal lives. Harvard High School strives to fulfill its mission by providing a solid core learning structure in traditional high school disciplines, complemented by academic and vocational services. The program is supported by applicable technology, a qualified faculty, and a wide array of student services aimed at the needs of the online and distance learner. The school assesses fulfillment of its mission and achievement of institutional effectiveness through ongoing studies of student learning, measurement of student satisfaction, and evaluation of career outcomes of HHSI graduates. The mission is supported by an admissions policy that allows students with a minimum eighth grade education to enroll in the program without regard to race, religion, gender, color, national origin, or physical ability.


Areas of Special Focus

Harvard High School International (HHSI) is committed to education equality.   We are committed to the goal that everyone regardless of age, background, race, or social economic background would have the opportunity to have a high school diploma.


Description of Institution

Harvard High School International (HHSI) has positioned itself as one of the leading online and distance learning institutions in the world. The school provides programs and services that are designed to meet lifelong learning needs. Programs of study lead to a high school diploma and preparation for further studies in other schools of higher learning.


Student Demographic Profile:

§ The number of female Americans enrolled was significantly higher than the number of males.  That was not only due to higher population figures for females: 7.4% of the 3+ female population was enrolled, compared to 5.9% of the 3+ male population.

§ The number of non-Hispanic whites enrolled grew.

§ Last year, 17% of  students were Hispanic, up from 11% in 2006. The corresponding figures for non-Hispanic whites were 58% and 67%, respectively, while the share of students who were black inched up from 18% to 19% during that time period.

§ The share of Hispanics enrolled was 6.8%, slightly above the national average of 6.7%. Hispanic females (7.6%) once again had a higher rate of enrollment than males (6%).

§ Black Americans demonstrated higher-than-average enrollment rates, at 8% of the 3+ population.  Female black Americans had a substantially higher enrollment rate (9.2% of the 3+ population) than their male counterparts (6.5%).

§ Asian Americans had the highest enrollment rates, at 9.4% overall. Contrary to the population at-large, the enrollment rate was higher among males (9.5%) than females (9.2%). However, given a larger population of females overall, the number of female Asian Americans enrolled was greater than the amount of males.

§ Non-Hispanic whites had the lowest enrollment rates. 6.2% of the 3+ group was enrolled last year, with females outpacing males (6.8% vs. 5.5%).

§ 59% of students were aged 18-24 last year.


Average Age: 34



Success Indicators


Average Completion/Graduation Rate¹ for Harvard High School Students98.16%
¹ Based on 640 2014 graduates.


Percentage of Students surveyed¹ who responded that they –

·         Achieved their learning goals: 96.45%

·         Would recommend the institution to a friend: 99.82%

·         Were satisfied with their studies: 99.46%
¹          based on 2014 graduates.

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